PARIAHLORD For a Few Gigs More 2024

For a Few Gigs More 2024

Sa, FEB 3, 2024Metalnova Festival
Halle 32, Gummersbach, Germany
w/ Coldspot
Pre-sale 8€
Sa, MARCH 16, 2024Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt, Germany
w/ HUM
Fr, APRIL 5, 2024Das Blue Bird, Schneverdingen, Germany
w/ Expand
Free entry
Sa, MAY 11, 2024Waldmeister e.V. Raum für Kultur, Germany
w/ The Witches’ Dream & Enojado
Sun, MAY 19, 2024Wispa Festival 2024, Germany
Festival gig
TIME 21:15
Free entry

More gigs to be announced soon!

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Interview with Carsten by Doomed Nation

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The song is ‘Vrillon’, not ‘Black Rock Desert.’

The songs are ‘Halcyon Pt. I & Pt. II’ and ‘Vultures’.

The songs are ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and ‘Super Mega Ultra Van’, not ‘Infernal’ and ‘Vrillon’.

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