Escape The Misery Tour

PARIAHLORD’s “Escape The Misery Tour” 2021/2022 followed the release of their debut EP “Embrace The Misery” in 2020.

Escape The Misery 2021/2022

Fri, DEC 11, 2021Lokvogel, Hemer, Germany
Special Guest: ArieZ
Thu, JAN 11, 2022Jameson Distillery Pub Cologne, Germany
w/ CBUS & Drockwell
Sa, APRIL 9, 2022Der Club, Heiligenhaus, Germany
rockME: Smokebox + PARIAHLORD
Pre-sale: 8€
Box office: 11€
Mo, APRIL 11, 2022Enge Weste Hagen, Germany
Special Guest: Coltaine
Wed, APRIL 20, 2022New Crown, Iserlohn, Germany
Special Guest: Aniyo Kore
Box office: 5€
Sa, MAY 21, 2022Lokvogel, Hemer, Germany
Special Guest: Plaindrifter
Fr, JUNE 3, 2022Mitzu’s Garden 2022, Germany
Festival gig
TIME 19:45
Private festival
Sa, JUNE 4, 2022Wispa Festival 2022, Germany
Festival gig
TIME 17:15
Sa, JUNE 18, 2022Jugendkulturcafé e.V. Troisdorf, Germany
w/ Legit Reaction & Decaying Days
Box office: 8€

“Embrace The Misery” review by Metalzone Radio –

“These three guys were initially part of the band CANADIAN INDIAN SUMMER. Individually, their musical tastes range from punk to prog rock, metal to pop. PARIAHLORD, the brainchild of Carsten Schmitt, leans in a stoner direction, taking in influences from KYUSS, STONED JESUS but also A PERFECT CIRCLE.” –

You can purchase “Embrace The Misery” and PARIAHLORD merch via Bandcamp.

Escape The Misery Tour Poster

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