Three Dudes. Heavy Riffs. Melodic Tones.


    Carsten Schmitt – Guitar, vocals

    Jan Kurtze – Bass

    Phil Röttgers – Drums

    The band was formed in 2019. The first EP “Embrace the Misery” was released in 2020 and was an instant success in the stoner rock scene.

    Since then, PARIAHLORD has been played in radio stations in Germany, UK, Greece, Canada, Russia, Japan, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Mexico, France, Finland, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Austria, Singapore, Iran, Ireland, Australia, Ukraine and Poland.

    In 2021, the band recorded their album “Vultures” at Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Tankard, Paul Di’Anno, Jen Majura and more).  The album will be released in September 2022 on Boersma-Records.

    PARIAHLORD play stoner rock with prog elements.

    They are on the record label Boersma-Records.